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A charity being set up to help those in the agility community who need support most.


About us

Where did the Inspiration for Forever Agility come from? Who founded Forever Agility and why? Who else is part of the team? Find out here!

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Forever Running

Founded in 2018, Forever Running's first event was a fundraising challenge which raised over £10,000. Find out here what they are all about.

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Our vision

It’s simple; our goal is to support those within the agility community who need it the most. Forever Agility was founded by Ryan & Neil specifically for those who partake in the pastime of Agility, and more specifically those people who currently live in England or Wales. A new diagnoses of a life limiting illness can be devastating news and living with a long term condition such as parkinson’s or cystic fibrosis can be tough enough without the worry of the financial burden it risks having on you and your family. A new illness of your children would cause great distress and may inhibit you or your families ability to work as you dedicate your time to care for them.

Forever Agility is here to help. From vet’s bills to travel costs, from palliative care retreats to state of the art medical equipment, from house bills to mobility aids, we want to help you. We want to help you and your family lead as normal a life as possible so that you can continue to be part of the wonderful community that is Agility, we want you forever a part of agility; Forever Agility