It’s official! We are now registered!


Hello everyone,

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy as we slowly emerge from what has been a very sad time for agility in the UK and indeed worldwide.

Whilst on the surface it would appear that there has been little activity at Forever Agility, over the last 12 months or so we have been working hard to make sure we complete a goal we made 18 months ago - to obtain charity status.

Given the uniqueness of our CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) we faced some challenges in illustrating to the Charity Commission our intentions. But, with some extra support, we are bursting with pride to announce that from today, Forever Agility is a registered charity! Registered Charity Number 1190989.

Whilst most of you are aware of what we do, here is our charitable ‘object’ which explains how we intend to support the agility community;

“The prevention of poverty and relief of financial hardship among those involved (or previously involved) with dog agility in the UK (or their dependents or immediate relatives) who are in need by, but not limited to, the provision of grants of money for providing or paying for goods, services or facilities which they could not otherwise afford”.

We are proud to be able to offer support to those not just who face financial hardship through illness, but also to those who are facing tough times for other reasons. We are proud to be sharing this simply amazing news with you on what is an historic day for dog agility, where we finally have a platform to support our own and are acknowledged as a community that deserves a dedicated charity service.

Lastly, we’d like to thank you all, each and every single one of you, for your support over the last 18 months in helping us to fundraise, spread the word and participate in events and therefore help us to already be in a position to award successful grant applications.

Please spread this far and wide so everyone knows of this incredible news. Here is to a very exciting future for Forever Agility. Ann, I hope you will be proud, this is all for you 💚❤️

Ryan, Neil, Abee and Cat
The Forever Agility Trustees

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